Sunday , 22 January 2017

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 5.5.2 Build 233 [Latest]

Allegorithmic Substance Designer

Allegorithmic Substance Designer – is a 3D modeling application that focuses on texture design, providing a set of powerful tools and functions that can work to one’s advantage.

Thanks to the material layering capabilities, it can take care of compositing and blending, which enables the artist to concentrate on the overall design, rather than combining elements together.

• Material Layering
• Non destructive / Non-linear authoring workflow
• Visualize in real time
• Import your own shader
• DX11 & Tesselation
• Multi Materials
• Batch processing
• Live workflow with Photoshop
• Advanced Noise Editor
• Presets Library

What’s New
Bug fixes:
* [Player] Crash when playing a Package directly in Designer by the “play button”
* [Startup] popup display missing nvcuvid.dll file
* [Environment init] double clicking an .sbs file does not load it in SD
* [Export] Export with dependencies crash
* [MDL] Synchronization issue in between a Graph an its Instance
* [MDL] sbsar instance nodes are outputing texture_return instead of values
* [IRay 3D View] In Iray Renderer the “Height Channel” isn’t updated properly when you change of height map
* [IRay 3D View Undocked] “Camera>Save Render” Doesn’t work after hiding app in the Windows’s Taskbar
* [Mac IRay] NVIDIA GPU no more detected by IRay
* [Bakers] Transferred Texture from Mesh Crash when baking Non POT textures
* [Crash] Crash when exporting a graph on Substance Share
* [Graph] Crash when selecting a ghost instance
* [3D View] Can’t dolly (Zoom In or Zoom Out) the orthographic camera in Iray mode
* [UI] Color Picker doesn’t manage High DPI display
* [Graph] (MacOS 10.11.06) Infinite computation with multi-material blend node
* [Graph] Copy/Paste Graph’s content ==> paste in the content and also a reference to that graph
* [Graph] Several multi material blends in scene, it autoselect the wrong outputs
* [Graph] Metal Edge Wear locks up PC
* [Library] The “SBSAR” files displays “S” logo instead of thumbnails
* [Library] Folder inside .sbsar are displayed in library

* [MDL Graph] Propagate SBS Graph default values to SBS Graph Node instance in MDL Graph
* [MDL] Support Drag&Drop of SBSAR graph
* [IRay] upgrade to SDK 2016.1.6 (261500.16187)
* [sbsrender] Optimise the memory management of sbsrender to match of Player performances
* [3D View] Allow the widget size to be smaller than the top menu bar
* [Console] Allow to copy some lines to the clipboard

Title Release: Substance.Designer.
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows x64
Download: W7vOJf
Allegorithmic Substance Designer 5.5.2 Build 223 (285 MB)

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