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Acronis Snap Deploy v5.0.1993 + Bootable ISO [Latest]

Acronis Snap Deploy

Acronis Snap Deploy – is a comprehensive solution for deploying systems on personal computers and servers using Acronis imaging technology. Thanks to Acronis Snap Deploy’s powerful and simple solution, private companies, government organizations and educational institutions can quickly and easily perform initial or redeploying system configurations on all laptops, desktops and servers, while significantly reducing costs.

• Powerful control. Deploy a master image from a single administrative console, including the operating system and applications, to multiple PCs or local network servers using multicast or unicast.
Universal work with equipment. Installing images on a PC with a different hardware architecture.
• Flexible deployment.Acronis Snap Deploy provides many options, including manual deployment, in automatic mode, at the user’s command and on a schedule. Wake-on-LAN technology helps automatically load shut down machines. Offline image deployment allows you to install an image if the network is down.
• Individual machine configurations. For each PC or server, you can assign individual parameters so that each machine receives an appropriately adapted configuration. The list of machines allows you to track the progress and status of all deployment operations, as well as monitor the preparation of configurations for new machines identified by their MAC address.
• Individual revision.Ability to change Windows system settings after deployment: computer name, IP configuration or SID.
• Download images from media. Support CD, DVD, USB-drive. Using Acronis PXE Server for network download. Acronis Snap Deploy allows you to choose as a platform for bootable media Linux or WinPE. Users can also add necessary drivers to WinPE-based bootable media to achieve compatibility with new hardware.

File Systems
• FAT16 / FAT32
• Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4
• ReiserFS / ReiserF4
• Other File Systems (sector- wise) Image

• Local folder (hard disk)
• Network folder
• USB hard disk
• USB flash drive

What’s New
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Title Release: Acronis.Snap.Deploy.v5.0.1993
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Acronis Snap Deploy v5.0.1993 (988 MB)
Acronis Snap Deploy v5.0.1993 Bootable ISO (330 MB)

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