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BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve [Latest]

BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve

BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve – combines professional non-linear video editing with the world’s most advanced color corrector so now you can edit, color correct, finish and deliver all from one system! DaVinci Resolve is completely scalable and resolution independent so it can be used on set, in a small studio or integrated into the largest Hollywood production pipeline! From creative editing and multi camera television production to high end finishing and color correction, only DaVinci Resolve features the creative tools, compatibility, speed and legendary image quality you need to manage your entire workflow, which is why it is the number one solution used on Hollywood feature films.

Clean and modern-looking interface
• Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a black-themed main window that offers you quick access to the app’s plethora of features. This said, the interface is mainly split between modules for the overall process, namely for loading media, editing, color correction and for the actual delivery.

• Despite its immense number of features, the overall looks might make you think otherwise. Nonetheless, since the main window is so airy, it comes as no surprise that most of the app’s features are accessible from its menubar.

Packs a wide array of features within extensive menus
• The fact that DaVinci Resolve is a full-featured app becomes evident once again when you right-click any loaded media file. Both the contextual menus and the menus themselves are more often than not larger than the app’s main window.

• This said, it soon becomes clear that almost every aspect of the post-production process is actively covered by DaVinci Resolve. In fact, the tool can be very well considered a specialized all-in-one solution for both editors and colorists alike. Therefore, you can work with layers, nodes, effects, grades, mixers, keys and even plug-ins to creates complex looks.

Video editing, color correction and collaborative sharing, three selling points for this app
• Another worth mentioning thing is the fact that the utility packs a powerful Color Match feature that enables you to set the source and target gamma, as well as the target color space. Image stabilization, 3D tracking, reframing, RGB mixing and HSL curve grading are but a few of the supported functions.

• Thanks to its multi-layer and mixed format Timeline feature, the app enables both a video editor and a colorist to simultaneously work on the same file. You can also create complex video transitions, while still being able to edit and mix audio files.

Powerful application for post-editing movies and videos
• Taking all things into consideration, DaVinci Resolve is a powerful software solution that enables users who work in the cinematography fields to bring their work to a whole other level. What is most impressive about this app is not its number of features or how it can handle files or share projects, but rather how it combines all that and other built-in management tools without feeling unnecessarily complicated.

What’s New
* Improved behavior when navigating to previous or next multicam angles by looping around to the last or first angle
* Addressed an issue where performing a replace with a multicam clip in the source viewer would not select the correct angle
* Addressed an issue where shift-dragging a gain keyframe in an audio clip would not work correctly on the edit timeline
* Addressed an issue where H.264 clips would be rendered incorrectly if network optimization was enabled
* Addressed an issue where render jobs would sometimes fail on some systems
* Addressed an issue where archived projects would not include mattes for stereoscopic 3D clips
* Addressed an issue where playback for 4K DNG clips would be slow
* Addressed an issue where some DNG clips would be decoded with an incorrect color science
* Addressed an issue where rendering to MXF XDCAM formats would sometimes show artefacts
* Addressed an issue where minimizing the application would not hide the video clean feed
* Addressed an issue where setting in and out points from a timeline duration marker would sometimes not work correctly in the edit page
* Addressed an issue where the show picker RGB value context option in the color viewer could not be toggled off
* Addressed an issue where AAFs with multiple embedded audio channels would be decoded incorrectly
* Addressed an issue related to decoding Blackmagic RAW on macOS Catalina
* General performance and stability improvements

Title Release: DaVinci.Resolve.
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve (1.4 GB)

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