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Files Inspector Pro 1.12 Free Download [Latest]

Files Inspector Pro

Files Inspector Pro – There are a large number of tools for automatically cleaning a computer, but none of them can free up a significant amount. First of all, because quite small data is deleted in the system, which will eventually appear again. But there is a method of manual cleaning, which will free many times more space for a long time. We present to your attention Files Inspector . This utility does not work with system files, but with your files and folders. It allows you to visually see what exactly the carriers of your computer are doing. Photos, documents, movies, music and more. All this can be clearly seen in the utility and, if necessary, remove unnecessary.

Express analysis of user files
• The express check function analyzes folders of documents, images, videos, music and others and visually displays the space they occupy on your storage media.

Advanced Analyzer
• For advanced users, the program provides an advanced analyzer that allows you to evaluate the data on all files and folders on the installed drives of information.

Deleting Unnecessary Data
• Having found unnecessary files or folders in the Files Inspector list, you can immediately delete them without having to use Explorer or any other tool to work with the file system.

Deleting unnecessary files and folders
• In the process of examining the contents of the discs, you can delete unnecessary files and folders in a few clicks to free up space on your computer’s media.

Removing unnecessary programs
• Removing unnecessary programs is one of the important steps to free up space. Applications can be removed directly through Files Inspector.

• In the process of working Files Inspector allows you to delete files and folders. To exclude erroneous actions, all deleted items are placed in the Recycle Bin, from where they can be immediately restored in full.

PRO Compress photos without losing quality
• For an additional release of space, the function of compressing photos without loss of quality is also suitable. It allows you to reduce the amount of occupied photos by an average of 10%.

What’s New
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Title Release: Files.Inspector.Pro.1.12
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Files Inspector Pro 1.12 (8 MB)

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