Sunday , 17 November 2019

FoolishIT BootSafe 5.0.0 Free Download [Latest]

FoolishIT BootSafe

FoolishIT BootSafe – is a one-click utility to reboot to safe mode – provides options to choose normal safe mode, safe mode with networking, or safe mode command prompt only. Windows ‘Safe Modes’ are designed to start Windows with minimal functionality and no additional running software. This can be very useful in troubleshooting, repair, and malware removal scenarios (but is NOT designed or recommended for general usage!) BootSafe removes the work normally involved in configuring and starting Windows in any Safe Mode environment. BootSafe also automatically attempts to repair damage to registry areas required to start ‘Safe Mode’ (in the event of a malware infection, or when other damage occurs.)

Simply run BootSafe and it will ask you which safe mode you would like to start in; if you choose the Modify and Reboot option, then that’s exactly what it does. You will be returned to normal mode on your next restart.

What’s New
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Title Release: FoolishIT.BootSafe.5.0.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
FoolishIT BootSafe 4.1.2 (3 MB)

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