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Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 06.0.05 [Latest]

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision – Network visibility equals high availability. Industrial HiVision is state-of-the-art management software for industrial communication systems. It is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann™ manageable devices, including switches, routers, firewalls and wireless devices, as well as any third-party SNMP-enabled products.

Designed for effective industrial network supervision, Industrial HiVision can easily be integrated into SCADA applications. It offers a built-in SNMP to OPC server. The graphical user interface is available as an ActiveX control. A DTM offers seamless operation inside FDT applications.

Client / Server architecture
• Supports multiple clients simultaneously
• Redundant servers supported
• Client Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Web browser client
• HiView client (java installation not necessary)
• Support for multiple languages

Topology Map
• Auto-topology discovery
• Displays status of devices and connections
• Link speed and medium are visualized
• VLAN viewer to highlight specific VLANs
• Supports Hirschmann™ wireless bridge links
• Can discover unmanaged devices

• Parameters can be configured across multiple devices simultaneously
• Devices do not need to be the same type
• Reduced installation time
• Fewer errors during configuration
• Facilitates regular tasks such as changing passwords

Event Handling
• Customizable event log
• Events can be exported for reports
• Events can trigger actions
• Event log available on mobile devices (smartphones/tablets)

SCADA Integration
• GUI is available as an ActiveX control
• Built-in OPC server
• DTM is available

Industrial HiVision encompasses all the features and benefits of earlier versions.

These include:
• Client / Server architecture
• Web browser client
• Edit and Run modes
• Network hierarchy display
• Global and individual status display and propagation
• Flexible event handling
• Customizable data acquisition
• Long-term trending
• Comprehensive export functions
• Asset Management

What’s New
* Several minor bugfixes
* Table ‘Device Security – User Management – Users’ on devices with HiOS/HiSecOS firmware:
* If you change user access parameters on a device that contains identical SNMP, WEB and CLI access parameters, then the changes are applied simultaneously to the 3 access modes.
* iOS push notification certificate updated
* Improvements Configuration Saver / Migrator PowerMICE -> MSP
* Introducing a free of charge license for fully managing 16 nodes
* During the evaluation period the license has the same functionality as the 16 node license
* LDAP authentication: white spaces in RDNs are possible (no conversion into underscores)
* ICMP reachability now updated for SNMP devices which were unreachable and are now only reachable with ICMP
* Polling can be disabled with one click (Configuration – Monitor: Disable Polling): now only in Edit Mode
* Memory Leak after Device Reload (F5 or Coldstart Trap): fixed
* Page “Security Status”: “HiDiscovery” always shown as “Secure” for BAT devices: fixed
* Page “Security Status”: “Default Password” always shown as “Secure” for SNMP V1 devices: fixed

Title Release: Industrial.HiVision.06.0.05
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 06.0.05 (297 MB)

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