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LSoft Technologies Free Software Collection July 2016 [Latest]

LSoft Technologies Collection

LSoft Technologies Inc. – is a worldwide leader in data backup, data security and data recovery software technologies. Unique [email protected] Scan technologies allow to detect remains of your sensitive data on the disks being severely damaged by viruses or power surge, having physical damages (bad sectors and bad clusters), or even after volume deletion and disk re-formatting..

Included Releases & Features
[email protected] Disk Editor 6.0.37
[email protected] Partition Manager 5.0.15
• NTFS Reader for DOS
– Bootable CD Image (ISO)
– Bootable Floppy Disk Image
– Self-extracting Bootable Floppy Disk Creator
[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor 4.0.10
• NTFS Data Recovery toolkit 8.0.0
[email protected] UNERASER 10.0.3
[email protected] KillDisk 10.1.1
[email protected] ISO Burner 3.0.0
[email protected] Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner 5.7.0
[email protected] DVD Eraser 1.1.0

[email protected] Disk Editor is advanced tool for viewing and editing sectors of Physical Disks, Partitions and contents of any file type.

[email protected] Partition Manager helps you manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain.
You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system.

• NTFS Reader for DOS previews the files on NTFS and copy them from NTFS to FAT volumes or network drives.
NTFS Reader DOS Boot Disk provides read access to NTFS drives from the MS DOS environment.

[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor checks and monitors the status of your hard drives to help prevent data loss. The system is based on the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).

• NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit is a set of tools for analyzing problems with NTFS partitions and files, and Data Recovering in Manual and Automated modes.
• Manual mode allows you to analyze disk’s structures and define the problem using included freeware Disk Editor. You can fix the problem using either Disk Editor, or included freeware Partition Manager, or Microsoft Windows(c) system utilities.

[email protected] UNERASER recovers deleted files and folders on NTFS, FAT, exFAT, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/BtrFS, Apple HFS+ and Unix UFS file systems. It can even restore files from deleted and reformatted partitions.

[email protected] KillDisk allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders.

[email protected] ISO Burner burns CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. Automated burning is also supported.

[email protected] Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner burns files and folders onto CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

[email protected] DVD ERASER erases DVD-RW, DVD+RW or CD-RW media to clear the old data from the disk.

What’s New
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Title Release: LSoft.Technologies.Free.Software.Collection.July.2016
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
LSoft Tech Free Software Collection July 2016 (129 MB)

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