Friday , 6 December 2019

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit [Latest]

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit – runs a series of tests to diagnose issues with Surface devices.
It is portable allowing it to be kept on a USB stick for quick deployment wherever you happen to be or right over the network. The test scope is comprehensive and will encompass multiple hardware aspects resulting in the rooting out and displaying of hidden issues. The tests require user-interaction, so you need to pay attention because as the diagnostic process runs, you will be required to either pass/fail the corresponding test.

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit is a useful troubleshooting app for your Surface device and can identify and resolve most common issues but will also point you in the right direction support-wise to resolve your problem.

Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit runs the following tests
• Windows Update
• Battery Tests
• Discrete graphics (dGPU) test
• Device information
• Type Cover test
• Integrated keyboard test
• Muscle wire test
• Dead pixel and display artifacts tests
• Digitizer tests
• Home button test
• Volume rocker test
• Micro SD test
• Microphone test
• Video out test
• Speaker test
• Bluetooth test
• Camera test
• Network test
• Power test
• Mobile broadband test
• Accelerometer test
• Gyrometer test
• Compass test
• Ambient light test
• Device orientation test
• Brightness test
• System assessment
• Performance Monitor test
• Crash dump collection

What’s New
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Title Release: Microsoft.Surface.Diagnostic.Toolkit.
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit (9 MB)

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