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MindGenius 2019 v8.0.1.7175 [Latest]

MindGenius 2019

MindGenius 2019 – allows you to transform your ideas, strategic plans and business information into special cards that allow disparate groups and organizations to work more quickly, efficiently and harmoniously. Convenient tools that simplify the organization of collective work, the dissemination of information or administration, guarantee an increase in the productivity of your organization’s employees.

• Easy-to-use, intuitive interface in the style of Windows – there is no need to study the program, you can immediately start working and playing stick the cards.
• Toolbars and menus – direct access to the most needed and frequently used commands and functions.
• Check the spelling of English words – a very necessary feature.
• Tasks – the ability to graphically form tasks with an indication of the beginning and end.
• Hyperlinks in the map – the ability to set hyperlink objects to sites, e-mail, files, as well as other maps and audio and video files.
• Embedded planning with the use of Gantt charts – a visual representation of the progress of all topics and tasks planned to be solved using the program.
• Simple separation of topics – with one mouse movement you can select a branch of the map into a separate map.
• Moving sections and themes in the map using only the mouse – a lot of room for changes and movements on the map of ideas.
• Flexible links – You can also easily change and move links between different objects on your map.
• Different styles of the formation and image of the branches of the map – you can specify in advance or already apply to the drawn map.
• Make the background of the flowchart a map of the organization’s structure or the network schedule of the work program for which you are expanding your activities. Then you can more easily link elements of your decisions and ideas with counterparties indicated in the background image.
• Place as a background a collage of images, some of which inspire you, and others of others who are significant in this situation. Or, for example, in a conflict situation, to do an analysis of the problem against the background of a picture of confrontation in order to build competing conceptual schemes and find points of agreement between them. (To many, this may seem a cumbersome overkill, but there are people who spend their free time visiting art galleries, and no one considers them eccentrics for such “excesses” …)
• There is such a thing as divine geometry. We touched on it in the issues devoted to symbolism. By placing a symbol with a deep inner content as a background, you will broaden the horizons of your vision of the problem being solved and, possibly, bring the principles of higher harmony into the solution.
• As a guide to action, five-factor or, in a simpler case, three-factor models are best perceived.
• The dynamics are better displayed as a unity of the ascending and descending processes. And with cyclic processes – spirals.
• In holistic systems, resources are balanced according to the golden section principle.
• For amplification, chain reactions are used. The best form of them is a controlled and limited pyramidal structure or the principle of “restrained strength.”
• Management situations are created at the crossroads of resource flows (the cross as a concentration) and in network structures (the network as systematization).

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Title Release: MindGenius.2019.v8.0.1.7175
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
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