Saturday , 23 November 2019

Sordum Monitor Off v1.1 [Latest]

Sordum Monitor Off

Sordum Monitor Off – Computer monitors consume a significant amount of energy and it could be reduced dramatically by simply turning the screen off whenever it’s not needed , Unfortunately, …

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VidCoder 5.13 Multilingual [Latest]


VidCoder – is an open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Features • Multi-threaded • MP4, MKV containers • H.264 encoding …

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TigerVNC 1.10.0 Free Download [Latest]


TigerVNC – is a high-performance, platform-neutral implementation of VNC (Virtual Network Computing), a client/server application that allows users to launch and interact with graphical applications on remote machines. TigerVNC provides …

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USB Safeguard 8.3 [Latest]

USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard – allows you to protect your private files with a password on your removable drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. Features • Supports USB flash drive, …

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