Wednesday , 14 November 2018

QuarkXPress 2017 13.2.1 [Latest]


QuarkXPress 2017 – is a powerful publishing system, with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web-pages. QuarkXPress is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and publishing houses.

In addition to tools for creating iPad-application, QuarkXPress package offers customers export utility called ePub, which allows you to create the final product in the form of e-books. Among other, the ePub tool supports such popular platforms for distributing and viewing electronic books as iBooks, Kindle and Nook. Additional support for e-book provides Reflow View technology, which controls the correct display of the layout on any device, where it is necessary to reformat the original layout. QuarkXPress package for the first time supports the utility Blio eReader eBook reader in Windows environments, Android and iOS.

Among the new features in a general purpose package QuarkXPress is worth noting, for example, cloning function elements, new markers are normal and numbered lists, as well as the “conditional” styles that automatically sverstyvayut page content according to a set of defined rules. The new leader is now to automatically move the frame, and a group of objects behind the text, and ImageGrid feature allows you to quickly import a typesetter or build mock mesh graphics. A similar diversion Linkster function is to set or break ties for text frames and whole notes. Story Editor module allows you to handle future material in the full text of a text editor.

The new version of Quark Publishing System also make the work of professionals more productive by automating a number of time-consuming manual tasks. The product boasts enhanced support “style”, more advanced tools for working with lists, create callouts, and other tasks. QuarkXPress also simplify the editing of the text, the cloning of individual elements, the creation of networks to accommodate the image, as well as making copies of objects or entire pages.

• Convert PDF, Illustrator and EPS Files to Native QuarkXPress Objects
• Paste as Native Objects from Illustrator and Microsoft Office
• Multi-Gradient Colour Blends
• Export as HTML5 Publications
• Support for OpenType Stylistic Sets
• Touchpad Support for Pinch and Zoom (Mac only)
• Search and Replace Non-breaking Spaces and Characters – Video
• Additional Dynamic Guides for Textbox Columns – Video
• Fit Textbox to Text – Video
• Colour Picker (Eyedropper tool) – Video
• Streamlined and Efficient UI Now also on Windows – Video
• Option to Make Measurement Palette 50% Larger
• Option to Line Wrap Content Variables
• Support for ICCv4 Profiles
• And More

What’s New
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Title Release: QuarkXPress.2017.13.2.1
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
QuarkXPress 2017 13.2.1 (374 MB)

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