Tuesday , 23 April 2019

Rainmeter 4.3 Build 3298 Final + Skins Pack [Latest]

Rainmeter Final

Rainmeter – is a program that allows you to not only beautify your desktop, but to make it more comfortable and functional. Rainmeter skins or themes, are intended to make it more convenient and beautiful rainmeter itself, or pick up the style as close as possible to the one you have. Therefore, design is an integral part of the program.

Rainmeter widget set in the style of Windows 7, which can be edited, depending on your preferences and needs. The program displays on your desktop the current date and time, the schedule of the CPU, the amount of free and used memory (operational, virtual, and disk), weather, network information (IP-address, DNS-address, traffic, speed of the channel separately for each of the areas, and there is the ability to download news feeds, check mailboxes, manage media player and much more. Additionally Rainmeter offers its own set of themes for Windows 7.

Rainmeter is the best known and most popular program for customizing the desktop Windows. Boost Windows, a computer at home or work with skins, handy, compact applets which float freely on your desktop. Rainmeter skins provide you with useful information at a glance. Easily monitor the system resources such as memory and battery, or an online data streams, including email, RSS-feeds, and weather forecasts.

Rainmeter can measure
• CPU load
• Allocated Memory
• Network Traffic
• Performance data
• Uptime
• Free disk space

Changes In Rainmeter Beta v4.0
For some stability and performance reasons, we are in the process of changing most or all of the plugins that are distributed with the Rainmeter installation from being external “plugins” to being internal “measures”. At this time, there is no need to change anything in your skin code, but do be aware that discrete .dll files for these plugins will no longer exist in your Rainmeter Plugins folder. As of this writing, the following plugins have been turned into measures:
• NowPlaying
• MediaKey
• RecycleManager
• WebParser

What’s New
* not available

Title Release: Rainmeter.4.3.Build.3298
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Rainmeter 4.3 Build 3298 Final (5 MB)
Rainmeter Skin Pack (135 MB)

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