Wednesday , 22 January 2020

Red Giant VFX Suite 1.0.5 [Latest]

Red Giant VFX Suite

Red Giant VFX Suite – gives you fast, automatic chroma keying. Whether you are using a green screen or blue screen, Primatte Keyer can regularly pull a perfect key with a single click. Primatte’s cleanup tools help turn even the most difficult shots into solid and professional composites. Take your chroma keying results even further by using Primatte in combination with Supercomp’s post-keying tools.

VFX Suite features lighting-fast, accurate planar tracking, right inside of After Effects — no need to step out of AE for great corner-pin tracking results anymore. Whether you’re pinning a rectangular sign or something not rectangular at all, King Pin Tracker has you covered. Also included is Spot Clone Tracker, a powerful tool for quickly removing anything from skin blemishes to unwanted objects in your shot.

VFX Suite makes it easy to generate beautiful prismatic displacement effects for visual effects and motion graphics. Unlike the Displacement Map effect in After Effects, Chromatic Displacement uses the displacement image as a height map, which gives you beautiful, organic results — perfect for creating force fields, heat ripples, light refractions, cloaking effects, and much more.

• Chroma Key
• Tracking & Cleanup
• Lights & Glows
• Distortion
• VFX Supercomp
• VFX Primatte Keyer
• VFX King Pin Tracker
• VFX Spot Clone Tracker
• VFX Optical Glow
• VFX Chromatic Displacement
• VFX Knoll Light Factory
• VFX Shadow
• VFX Reflection

System Requirements
– Windows 10 and later
– 4 GB of RAM
– 800 MB of Hard Drive space
– Adobe After Effects CC 2018 and later

What’s New
* not available

Title Release: Red.Giant.VFX.Suite.1.0.5
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Red Giant VFX Suite 1.0.5 (626 MB)

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