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Show Desktop Icons 1.1 [Latest]

Show Desktop Icons

Show Desktop Icons – To show or hide common icons on the desktop ; Click the Start button Picture of the Start button, type desktop icons into the search box, and then click Show or hide common icons on the desktop or you can use a run command , but if you use Home edition it can be restricted.Show Desktop Icon is very Little tool to Add or hide common icons ( Internet Explorer, Computer, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin, Control Panel) on the desktop , it is a Portable freeware and was a request from one of our followers

It has a very simple interface , to show a icon on the desktop tick one of the box and use “Apply” button , to hide a icon untick it and use “Apply” again , With Windows defult “Show or hide common icons on the desktop” feature you can not add an internet explorer icon on the desktop but with “Show Desktop Icon” tool you can , this is not a internet explorer shortcut remember ; in early versions of Windows, Internet Explorer had a special icon right on the Desktop. It was not just a shortcut, but an ActiveX object which provided access to various IE settings and features by right clicking it. For instance, you could open Internet Options directly from its context menu or start a private browsing session. Such an icon can still be added to the Desktop

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Title Release: Show.Desktop.Icons.1.1
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Show Desktop Icons 1.1 (4 MB)

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