Thursday , 12 December 2019

Stardock Groupy 1.3 Full Download [Latest]

Stardock Groupy

Stardock Groupy – is a application for managing your desktop environment. You can use this software to organize the software in your system in a very good way. This software is able to provide you with a grouped tab of your desktop desktop management. In fact, you can run all your software in just one tab. This will be the case for you when you intend to use multiple software simultaneously.

Using Stardock Groupy software is very simple. You will need to drag and drop a single tab to convert multiple software tabs on your desktop to use multiple applications simultaneously. Also, if you continuously use multiple software simultaneously, you can create groups that allow you to open and execute all the software you want in one tab with just one click.

Another feature of this product is access to information. As long as you use this software, access to your data and information will be faster. On the other hand, your access will be easier than ever. You can also refer to the web browser interface for better understanding of the functionality of the software. As you manage multiple pages in your browser, you can also manage your own software with this software.

Stardock Groupy

• Use very simple and easy to manage your desktop software
• Optimize your workflow in Windows environment for your convenience
• Access your data and data faster than ever
• It’s possible to create different tabs for your needs with Drag and Drop
• Organize your documents and information in order to easily access them
• Ability to build groups you need to run a group with one click

What’s New
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Title Release: Stardock.Groupy.1.3
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Stardock Groupy 1.3 (6 MB)

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