Tuesday , 20 August 2019

Strong Passwords Need Entropy 17.0 [Latest]

Strong Passwords Need Entropy

Strong Passwords Need Entropy – is a handy and lightweight application that you can use to determine the strength of your password.The program analyzes your password and displays its length, the character frequency and the number of symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters and digits. Based on this information, it calculates the password entropy, the number of trials needed to find it and the time to crack the password.

You can also verify if your password is in the list of ´10,000 Worst passwords´.

• 16 rules to be respected when it comes to password policy and security
• Password properties
• Memo section with functions
• Generate passwords directly to the “list of passwords” (multiple passwords)
• Clear clipboard and keyboard buffer before exit
• WPA2 key generator with histogram
• Test password dictionary – able to test a list of almost 20,000 passwords
• Search passwords in worst list (10,007 passwords)
• Password versus Password – comparison
• Report section with essential operations info
• Paste from / copy to clipboard
• Sha256 / Tiger192 generator
• Password editor
• Purge the list of passwords (keep only if entropy > 100)

Password generator via different modules:
• Guid
• Mac adress
• Random
• Serial
• Prononceable word
• Morse code
• Emoticons
• Cryptocode
• Leetspeak
• Hexspeak
• Special dictionary
• Piece of poetry

What’s New
* New tool: Pick up your pseudo
* New tool: Hash detector
* Improvement of certain features
* Correction of minor bug
* Rule 4 modified

Title Release: Strong.Passwords.Need.Entropy.17.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Strong Passwords Need Entropy 17.0 (3 MB)

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