Thursday , 21 November 2019

Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.5 + Portable [Latest]

Total Commander Ultima Prime

Total Commander Ultima Prime – is a set of utilities and customized settings sets gathered in one installation package for enhancing Total Commander file manager. It contains extended main menu and toolbar, other programs and plugins, changed layout and many others.

The installer fully supports Unicode. This encoding allows you to transfer characters of all existing languages ​​without any problems. The same has been updated and optimized installer code. For Windows 7/8 fixed function that allows you to assign TC UP icon in the taskbar.

• Updated user interface: flat buttons under Windows XP, new icons of files, records, buttons, CDs, etc .;
• Ability to set different colors for the background files and folders;
• Edit mode and manual synchronization when you compare files by content;
• A separate window with the folder tree for each of the panels – a new concept for Total Commander especially like the owners of widescreen monitors;
• The built-Lister appeared to display the cursor, centering the image and reduce the large images;
Ability to change content plugin values ​​of the fields in the dialog change the attributes;
• Journal file operations;
• Display the drive letter in the tabs;
• Support for custom columns and thumbnails of pages for the system plug-ins;
• Instrument group rename files, you can edit the file names directly;
• Added new option in the copy dialog before overwriting files: a comparison of the contents, renaming, automatic rename, copy all the files – the larger or smaller;
• Set the maximum length of command line;
• Sort by multiple attributes (columns): Ctrl + Click on the additional column;
• AutoFill command line, current directory, copy dialog etc .;
• Use a combination of Shift + Del to delete unnecessary items in the drop-down lists: command line, search, rename, etc .;
• Secure FTP-connection via SSL / TLS (requires additional OpenSSL-library);
• Customizable user commands to the main menu and hot keys;
• Alias ​​commands (reduction) for the command line (for internal commands and external programs);
• Dialogue dubbing makes it possible to create thumbs and custom fields;
• Ability to file operations under a user account with administrator privileges (for access to private folders, you must enter an administrator password);
• Search on FTP-servers;
• Creating a ZIP-archives larger than 2GB.

What’s New
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Title Release: Total.Commander.Ultima.Prime.7.5
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.5 (449 MB)
Total Commander Ultima Prime 7.3 Portable (593 MB)

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