Thursday , 27 June 2019

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4.1 for Windows 10 [Latest]

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker – is an all-in-one tweaking solution with over 200 tweaks to personalize and make the Windows 10 experience yours. Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8 also available. It is fully capable of helping you make your system faster, more stable, and secure with just a few mouse clicks.

• Easy to use user interface
• Tool tips offer you guidance as to what the tweak does.
• Offers accessible buttons to create a system restore point and restore default values
• Tiny tool, super lightweight at just around 495 KB
• Power-packed with 200+ meaningful tweaks
• Portable tweaker. Does not require to be installed. To uninstall it simply delete its program folder
• Does not contain any adware, nor does it push crapware – and we promise not to, ever!
• Report Bugs by simply using the button in the About tab. Else visit this page.
• Support available at TWC Forum.
• Checks for available update. Click the button in the About tab to do so. If any are found, download the latest version from this home page.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 adds several new tweaks. Here are the highlights:
• Seeing the concerns being raised about privacy issues, several tweaks have been added under a new Privacy section.
• Many new tweaks in Context Menu for Store Apps to support Windows 10.
• The empty.ico file is not required now for Remove Shortcut Arrows From Icons to function properly
• It calculates Windows Experience Index from the main page. Click on Run assessment to recalculate the WEI.
• You can Run DISM command to fix corrupted system image
• You can now pin Drives to Desktop Context Menu
• Many new tweaks to customize Windows 10
• Newly designed interface with command link buttons
• Hover over a tweak, and get the description at the bottom of the tweaker.

What’s New
* not available

Title Release: Ultimate.Windows.Tweaker.4.4.1
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4.1 for Win 10 (1 MB)
Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Win 8/8.1 (1 MB)
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2 for Win Vista/7 (1 MB)

1. [Disable AD-BLOCK]** If Enabled.
2. On Download Page, Click on "Free Download" Box & Click "Create download link" & Download it.