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IDM UltraCompare Pro v20.00.0.50 + Portable [Latest]

IDM UltraCompare Pro

IDM UltraCompare Pro – is a reliable and user-friendly comparison tool designed to help you get rid of obsolete files from your system.

The application works as a shell extension, so you can easily access it from the context menu and use it to compare any file or folder you want.

UltraCompare Professional features numerous functions, such as ‘Text Compare’ and ‘Binary Compare’, while also providing you with the ability to merge the changes together, ensuring that no bit of important information is lost in the process.

The ‘Folder Compare’ component is accompanied by a ‘Folder Synchronization’ feature, that enables you to eliminate duplicate records, thus saving valuable disk space. The ‘Recursive compare’ function allows you to analyze sub-directories’ contents in order to detect any occurring differences.

The ‘Text Compare’ as well as the ‘Folder Compare’ functions support a triple mode, so you can easily work with three separate items at a time.

With UltraCompare Professional, you can also confront text snippets, without having to save them to a file. Afterward, you can simply merge the changes and save the end-result to a document, deleting the snippets.

Text Compare Features:
• Powerful 3-way text compare
• Shell Integration (right click menu in Windows Explorer)
• Ability to edit line and merge within UltraCompare
• Copy/paste multiple selected contiguous lines to clipboard
• Copy frame to clipboard
• Ability to see whitespace differences (tabs and spaces)
• Set Tab value to a specific number of spaces (like UltraEdit-32/UEStudio)
• Bookmark support
• Ability to delete lines from file
• Line-by-line comparison of individual files
• Status bar shows number of lines/blocks with differences
• Difference Summary includes:
• data in source but not in destination file (or vice versa)
• character differences between files on the same line
• Command Line Support

Ignore options:
• Ignore case
• Ignore spaces
• Ignore blank lines
• Line terminator differences
• Lines which begin with…
• Lines which contain..
• Lines which end with…
• A defined number of lines at the beginning of file
• A defined number of lines at the end of file
• EBCDIC compare supported
• Double-byte compare supported

Folder Compare Features:
• 3 Way Folder Compare
• ZIP Archive Compare
• ZIP file password support
• Support for RAR compressed files
• Side-by-side Compare Presentation
• Shell Integration
• Split screen to preview text in one pane while moving from file to file
• Option to compare files just on the basis of time/date/size
• Ability to set a NOT operator for filter, ie, NOT *.bak, etc.
• Provide live update on progress (useful when working with large nestedtrees)
• Favorite files and folders now allows quick access to commonly used items
• Explore source or destination folder by right click in folder mode
• Compare individual directories
• Recursive compare of directories (includes subdirectories)

Difference Summary includes:
• Same named files with different sizes
• Same named files with different creation dates/times
• File type: Binary or ASCII
• Compare two folder structures and indicate which files have different permissions
• Ability to select files with different names and compare them
• Ability to right-click on column headings and select fields

Word Compare Features:
• Compare Microsoft Word documents
• Compare RTF Files
• Fast Binary Compare Features:
• Binary comparison allowing for shifted data
• Command Line invocation
• Option to display decimal offset rather than Hexadecimal

Merge Features:
• Undo merge feature
• Merge compared lines/blocks between files for 2 and 3 way compare
• Merge compared files between directories for 2 and 3 way folder compare
• Selected line merge capability
• Accept all (or Merge All) button for text mode, and folder mode
• Word-level (or selection-level) replacement and insertion
• Mark merged lines for review
• Enhanced merging – allows changes to be added to changes in other file
• Merge contents of compared directories
• Option to automatically move to the first difference when loading
• Option to automatically move to next difference after merge

What’s New
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Title Release: IDM.UltraCompare.Pro.v20.00.0.50
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
IDM UltraCompare Pro v20.00.0.50 x32 (38 MB)
IDM UltraCompare Pro v20.00.0.50 x64 (41 MB)
IDM UltraCompare Pro v20.00.0.50 Portable (75 MB)

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