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WUMT Wrapper Script readme 2.5.5 / Windows Update MiniTool [Latest]

WUMT Wrapper script

WUMT Wrapper Script readme 2.5.5 / Windows Update MiniTool – is used to launch Windows Update MiniTool and disable Windows Updates until you run it again avoiding unwanted reboots.

The script auto-elevates and makes sure the Windows Update service is running, then runs the correct version (x86 or x64) of Windows Update MiniTool in “auto-search for updates” mode. After you close Windows Update MiniTool, it stops and disables the Windows Update service, and it won’t run again until you run WUMT Wrapper Script next time.
With the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Microsoft has once again removed Group Policies and registry tweaks on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home to protect Windows Updates from being disabled, among other things. As you’re well aware, Windows Updates are important so this script, and the Windows Update MiniTool should be used by advanced users.

Recently, starting around 11/26/2017 Windows 10 arbitrarily starts the windows update service even when disabled so the author has incorporated Windows Update Blocker to rectify that particular scenario.

This is distributed as text that you place in Notepad and save as a .cmd. Then you need Windows Updates in the same folder. We have done all of this for you, so all you need to do is download WUMT Wrapper, extract to a folder and run Windows Update MiniTool.cmd as needed.

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What’s New
* Version 2.5.5 supports 1809 and LTSC and is vastly improved from 2.5.4!
* Uninstall 2.5.4 or any previous version before installing or running 2.5.5.
1) Script now includes WuMgr v0.9b along with WUMT giving you a choice of which to use in the menu.
2) Script now uses NSudo 6.1 instead of Powerrun (NSudo thread here) to lock update hijacker files. NSudo is faster and just works better.
3) Fixed accidental Unicode in _readme.txt which caused strange characters to display in Oriental languages. (No, really, I fixed it this time!)
4) Script now in addition to uninstalling Windows 10 Update Assistant, creates and locks empty %systemroot%\UpdateAssistant and %systemroot%\UpdateAssistantV2 folders to stop Update Assistant from ever installing from an update. Now no need to run the script again after an update!
5) Fixed rare task creation error problem.
6) Not just some, but now all Update Hijacker folder and file permissions are now removed as TrustedInstaller as required by 1809.
7) Wrapper Script Start Menu folder now has a “Version” icon to easily see what version of the wrapper you have installed.

Title Release: WUMT.Wrapper.Script.readme.2.5.5
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWUMT Wrapper ScriptWUMT Wrapper ScriptWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
WUMT Wrapper script 2.5.5 (4 MB)

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