RealVNC VNC Enterprise 6.2.0 [Latest]

RealVNC VNC Enterprise

RealVNC VNC Enterprise – system realizes the remote administration function that uses the protocol RFB (Remote FrameBuffer). Many PC users often need to access your computer without being at the same time in the immediate vicinity. In such a situation may be useful VNC program. The program consists of server and client side (the server part should be installed on the computer to which you want to access remotely).

From many other similar software is easy to install and configure. VNC lets you work with the same desktop computer with different platforms. Thus, users of Windows operating systems can easily work with desktop remote server running under Unix operating system.

VNC protocol, which uses a program is a simple protocol remote access to graphical user interface. The basis of this protocol on a simple principle: to display the rectangle containing the pixel data in the given coordinates x, y. Due to the different coding schemes such seemingly inefficient way to display the interface components is transformed into a powerful means of transmission of graphic information.

VNC consists of the two components: the server and the client. VNC-server generates a display image that subsequently the user sees on his screen. VNC-client connecting to the VNC-server, constantly asks for an updated display image from the VNC-server. At high speed connection such requests are made too often, allowing the user to view smooth images when moving the desktop components, such as windows running programs. At low speeds queries described above are carried out less frequently, which may affect the display of graphical objects when you change their position, or when you change the information contained therein.

VNC Enterprise Edition – product for Windows, Unix and the Mac, which includes a complete security architecture, built-in File Transmitter equipment and advanced tools. For businesses of all sizes. From beginning to end, designed and created the first developers of VNC, Enterprise version provides security, stability and easy to handle remote control with the minimum of interference.

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Title Release: RealVNC.VNC.Enterprise.6.2.0
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
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