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Inviska Rename 12.0 + Portable [Latest]

Inviska Rename

Inviska Rename – Changing the name of large file collections is both tedious and boring but, fortunately, there are applications that can carry out the task for you without too much of a hassle. Inviska Rename is one of them.

Side-by-side comparison of the initial names and the new ones
• This particular application comes in handy if you need to assign meaningful names to documents, music, photos, and any other types of files, as well as folders on your computer. It enables you to build a custom name pattern you are comfortable with, thus organizing your data repository efficiently, regardless of its content.
• The main window of Inviska Rename is split into two separate panels, one for viewing the original names, and the other for previewing the changes. In other words, you have a “before and after” comparison mode to check out the new names before changes are applied. For your convenience, the files whose names will be changed are highlighted in red.

Build your custom name pattern with various options
• There are various ways you can modify the original names. Inviska Rename enables you to replace the entire name with a string, meaning you can create completely new denominations, totally unrelated to the initial ones. To make it easy for you to build the name pattern, Inviska Rename comes with a set of predefined tags for music, exif data, and various file attributes, which can be inserted into any editable field with a click.
• Alternatively, you can replace certain words and insert new text in the name either at the beginning or at a specified position, add prefixes and suffixes, and crop sections of the name or a number of characters. Moreover, the application can change the case of words and add numbering to your files, which is particularly handy if you are renaming sequences of files.
• Inviska Rename can also modify the file extension in batch mode, featuring exactly the same options as mentioned above.

Time-saving batch renamer for both files and folders
• An application such as Inviska Rename can be a real asset to you if you plan on organizing large amounts of data. It can change the names of your files in batch mode, which means your job will be done in a few minutes, rather than hours.

What’s New
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Title Release: Inviska.Rename.12.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Inviska Rename 12.0 (28 MB)

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