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Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced [Latest]

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced – A forgotten password or a locked account is a rather unpleasant situation as a result of which a complete reinstallation of the system may be required. Fortunately, for such situations, there are special utilities, like Windows Password Recovery , which will help you to recover your forgotten Windows login password.

In addition, the program positions itself as a professional solution for analyzing and auditing system security policies, making recommendations on how to increase the stability of password protection for Windows operating systems. Password auditing using Windows Password Recovery reveals security holes, helping administrators ensure the reliability and security of their corporate networks by checking the protection level of operating systems.

• Modern, flexible and easily customizable graphical interface
• Ability to import hashes from 9 third-party programs
• Import directly from SAM or ntds.dit, and if these files are blocked by the system, the program will read them too
• Downloading hashes from a remote machine
• Importing history hashes passwords
• Decryption of passwords for some accounts on the fly (for local import)
• Instant decryption of passwords for logged in accounts (only on 32-bit systems)
• Support for Active Directory (domain accounts)
• Support for importing password hashes from 64 bit systems
• Support for all versions Windows NT-based
• Export of hashes in PWDUMP file
• Removing the Bitlocker password
• The program has in its arsenal of 18 different kinds of attacks, 10 of which are unique, created by our company and used only in our software
• software and supports multi-threading, full cycling capabilities of modern computers
• Dictionary attack supports text dictionaries in ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8, PCD, RAR and ZIP formats.
• Large selection of Online dictionaries for dictionary attacks (about 2 GB)
• Some features of the program, such as word mutation, are unique. The total number of mutation rules passes for a hundred and fifty. This is not in any similar program!
• Support for an unlimited number of sorted hashes
• High brute-force speed on modern computers – more than 100 million p / s on quad-core processors and billions of passwords per second when using a GPU.
• Intelligent password analysis
• Support for long passwords (up to 255 characters).
• There are additional tools for generating hashes, checking password strength, creating rainbow tables, etc.
• Additional utilities: creating backup copies of the registry and Active Directory, opening passwords behind asterisks ****, resetting passwords directly from SAM or NTDS.DIT, editors SAM and NTDS.DIT, offline DPAPI decrypter, decrypting Windows Hello passwords, sector-by-disk indexing etc.
• Advanced Passwords Reports

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Title Release: Passcape.Windows.Password.Recovery.Advanced.
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OS: Windows
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