Wednesday , 20 November 2019

Router Password Recovery 1.0 [Latest]

Router Password Recovery

Router Password Recovery – is a free command-line software to recover lost or forgotten password of your Router. This tool can also be used to find login password of your Modem or Websites which are protected by HTTP BASIC/DIGEST Authentication.

Generally Routers or Modems control their access by using HTTP BASIC/DIGEST authentication method. In simple words, when you connect to your Modem/Router from the browser (typically you will be asked to enter username & password as shown below.
If you ever forget this password then you will not be able to login to your Router/Modem. Even some websites use the same Authentication to allow only certain users to access their site.

In such cases, ‘Router Password Recovery’ tool can help you to quickly recover your lost router password. Also it is very handy tool for Penetration Testers and Forensic Investigators in getting access to Router/Modem in any network.

‘Router Password Kracker’ uses simple Dictionary based password recovery technique. By default it includes sample dictionary file containing common login passwords for popular Routers. However you can find good collection of password dictionaries (also called wordlists) here & here.

For complex passwords, you can use tools like Crunch, Cupp to generate brute-force based or any custom password list file and then use it with this tool.
For GUI version, check out Router Password Kracker (currently supports only BASIC Authentication)

‘Router Password Recovery’ works on both 32 bit & 64 bit platforms starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.

• Free command-line tool to recover login password of Router/Modem/Website
• Supports both HTTP BASIC & DIGEST Authentication mechanism
• Uses simple and quicker Dictionary Crack method.
• Includes password list for popular Routers
• Displays detailed statistics during recovery operation
• Command-line interface makes it faster
• Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation.

What’s New
* First public release of Router Password Recovery.

Title Release: Router.Password.Recovery.1.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Router Password Recovery 1.0 (1 MB)

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