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Slow Down CPU 3.0 Download [Latest]

Slow Down CPU

Slow Down CPU – is mainly intended for developers who want to assess the behavior of their applications during high CPU loads and evaluate a program’s capability to run on older, slow computers equipped with hardware components that do not have advanced technical specifications.

Simulate high CPU load
• What this application actually does is simulate a situation when the CPU processes a great deal of data, which significantly increases its usage. While running, it simulates heavy demanding arithmetic calculations that inflate the CPU load. This way, developers can test their application’s behavior when the PC is busy, which can help them optimize the code for such circumstances.

Packed inside a lightweight package, it runs using the command console, displaying a message to notify you that the • CPU usage should be higher. You can verify this using the ‘Task Manager’ or any other utility that can retrieve information concerning the CPU load.

More instances, higher CPU usage
• During our tests, the CPU usage registered an average value of 50% while the application was running. However, if you need even more CPU load, launching two or more instances of Slow Down CPU is the solution.

With two instances running, the CPU usage was already reaching values higher than 90%, which makes us think that a • single instance is more than enough if you want other applications to run properly as well. Otherwise, your computer might simply freeze and become unresponsive.

Simulate increased CPU load on your PC
• Slow Down CPU has a rather deceiving name which might make you think that its goal is to slow down the processor. In fact, it is a simplistic application that simulates high concurrent actions, resulting in higher CPU usage, in order to help you test your computer’s performance.

What’s New
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Title Release: Slow.Down.CPU.3.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Slow Down CPU 3.0 (3 MB)

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