Wednesday , 13 November 2019

Smart Fast PC 4.1.0 [Latest]

Smart Fast PC

Smart Fast PC – will finds and removes unnecessary registry items, temp files, invalid shortcuts, cookies and other unnecessary items from your PC. In addition, Smart Fast PC keeps your private information secure by removing all traces of your online and office activities.

• Clean and Optimize your Windows Registry
• The Windows Registry stores settings and options for Microsoft Windows and is a critical resource to keep Windows running smoothly. Over time, the registry gradually grows in size and gets cluttered with old, broken or unused registry entries. Smart Fast PC finds and removes unnecessary registry entries to keep your registry clean and optimized.

Find and remove potential privacy risks
• Using Smart Fast PC you can remove privacy risks, free up valuable disk space and keep your personal information secure. Smart Fast PC will find and remove the history of recently visited websites, internet chat conversations, downloaded music, video or photos. Cookies that have been automatically downloaded will be removed along with information about recently opened documents and any document searches.

Clean up junk files and broken short cuts
• Junk files and broken short cuts are constantly building up on your PC taking up valuable disk space but serving no purpose. In just a few seconds Smart Fast PC identifies these junk items and can remove them with just one click!

Boost Windows startup
• Does it take forever for your computer to load windows? Removing programs from your startup menu can improve the start time of your PC. Smart Fast PC makes it easy to identify and remove unwanted programs from your startup menu and speed up your start time.

Fast, safe and easy to use
• Smart Fast PC is safe, fast and efficient and is the easy way to keep your computer clean and optimized.

What’s New
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Title Release: Smart.Fast.PC.4.1.0
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Smart Fast PC 4.1.0 (2 MB)

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