Wednesday , 21 August 2019

Synkronizer for Excel 11.2 Build 905 [Latest]


Synkronizer – compares any two Excel spreadsheets. Simply enter the file names in a friendly interface, and then note which sheets to compare. You can compare two sheets in one book or two sheets in completely different files. You will receive a quick summary of the differences that will help you find changes, edits, deletions and rejections.

Unsurpassed accuracy and performance that you can trust in
• Synkronizer 11 now achieves accuracy when comparing Excel files that are unmatched in the market. Automatically comparing, merging and updating Excel data requires a tool that you can fully trust.

Compare millions of cells and an unlimited number of tables within a few seconds
• Synkronizer is designed for simple Excel tasks, such as comparing and merging supplier databases, as well as for complex workbooks that require maximum productivity, speed and accuracy. Now you can compare an unlimited number of Excel worksheets simultaneously with just a few mouse clicks. No matter how large your Excel file is, Its prove its high performance to increase your productivity and save maximum time.

Update databases automatically
• this program allows you to compare two Excel files for differences, update and consolidate any Excel database faster and more accurately than manually. Within a few seconds, you can merge databases of suppliers from different departments or update your customer base. this will also allows you to save time and improve the quality of your most valuable assets – your databases.

Inserted columns and rows – nothing wrong with Synkronizer
• Inserted rows and columns are a complex task. There is nothing difficult for this program. Inserted columns and rows are accurately identified and highlighted automatically. Once identified, a convenient and easy-to-use interface will guide you through the process of merging or updating cells. All this is just a click away.

Comparison of not only numbers and texts
• Synkronizer 11 goes far beyond comparing only Excel worksheets, such as standard formats, numbers and texts. With Synkronizer, you can compare values ​​such as text and numbers, as well as whole formulas, regardless of their complexity. Synkronizer 11 also compares cell comments.

What’s New
* Added partial equivalent filtering. *october* eq *november*
* Minor change in domain license handling.

Title Release: Synkronizer.for.Excel.11.2.Build.905
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: W7vOJf
Synkronizer for Excel 11.2 Build 905 (9 MB)

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